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Have you ever been given $ 1,000,000 ? This opportunity will be worth a lot more than that to the person who has a dream and is willing to do something about it. Shelton said in 1620 "It is not fit that whilst luck is knocking at the door we shut it: First let us therefore sail with the prosperous wind" I want to advise that you study this with care because it may be the opportunity you have been waiting for all your life. My name is Louis Smith and I grew up on a trading station in South Africa. My parents were hard working and although we always had enough, we never had any extra. After school, I started work, but soon realized when I looked at other people that had been working for the same company for many years, that I wanted more than that out of life. By the 15th of each month the money was finished as inflation grew against our income. We started filling the cash flow deficit with HP, credit cards, accounts and personal loans just like everyone else was doing. We were slowly sinking. John says "I have come that you may have life and have it more abundantly". Well we were not having this promised experience. Most people wake up every morning, put on the radio or television to catch up on the bad news, they eat something small and will already be tired just thinking of the traffic that they have to fight on the way to work. At work they will try to please the Boss, whether or not they like the work they are having to do. After work they fight their way back to the home they are renting or borrowing on tick from the bank. They own nothing, not even themselves. They are constantly controlled and manipulated by others. By the time they get home, they are completely exhausted and need rest. They will go on day by day, month after month, year after year, because at the end of every month they need the salary to survive. The salary is normally too small to pay for everything, but it is better than nothing, so they keep on doing it until it is time to retire and then they find out that they do not have any money. This is the plan of Utopia that we are all being offered. This is the life of "silent desperation". For 95% of the world's population this is reality. We are created as a head and not as a tail. We were given so many talents to succeed. An old Russian proverb says: "Poverty is not a sin, it is something worse. The question you must ask yourself is...Am I living up to my full potential?"

In desperation I started my own companies one at a time and at the age of thirty two, I had 4 companies with over 200 staff working for me. Now I was the Boss. I was doing the controlling and manipulation to get what I wanted. The long hours, the staff challenges, breakages, corruption, theft, lack of integrity, self-centeredness and the financial stress of conventional business soon wreaked havoc on my health and family life. I was looking for a better way. I had dreams for my life. I wanted to send my children to private schools, have a stable cash flow, financial freedom, a nice large home, nice cars, time for those I love, travel and to have extra to be able to help others when needed. So many of the normal businesses out there are exactly the same. It is not you owning the business, but the business owning you. After you have paid all the staff and expenses, it is sometimes difficult to find money to pay yourself. There is a proverb that says..."A man who loses his opportunity and a monkey who misses his branch, cannot be saved." This was my situation 20 years ago and then a friend introduced me to another way of living. Today I know what abundance is in all its forms. My life has been changed drastically. My family and I have a lovely big home, we drive the cars of our choice. We take holidays whenever we feel like it and travel with the business to exotic places all over the world. True freedom is a way of life for us. GNLD is a massive business. It started 52 years ago in the US with one company. Today there are millions of people involved in the industry in more than 60 countries. More than 80% of millionaires in the US earn their income from this business model. It is the most successful and fastest growing business of our time even during the current 2009 recession and depression gripping the world economy.

At the age of 32 I received a call. Initially I was skeptical and had a Big ego. I resisted until the 20th call and then got my wife involved just to save face and to check out if it works. As her business grew, so did my believability in the concept, the company and the products. One year later I got involved full time and got rid of my 4 companies to devout all my time to the new venture. By the 6th month I earned more than double my normal income. I was ecstatic nothing could have stopped me ever again. You see this financial opportunity offered everything I wanted in a business. Today my business operates globally and we live in California in the US. Earning global currencies is absolutely great wherever you live. We have travelled extensively, live on the beach and we are free to do as we please. We give God all the glory for whet we have achieved and are still going to achieve. If you have unfulfilled dreams or if you are frustrated, I suggest that you get involved with us and start up your own business. We are more than happy to assist and help you when and wherever we can.

Moyman Nahar got involved with GNLD during the start of 2009. She had been suffering from diabetes for more than 15 years. When she tested her blood the count had to be less than 7, but it was usually between 21 and 23. Her liver, kidneys and eyes had already been affected by her inability to produced adequate insulin to metabolize the sugar in her body. It required daily injections of 38-50 ml of insulin to control it. She started using Tre-en-en grain concentrate, Aloe Vera plus juice, GR 2 control protein shake, herbal thermogenic and GR2 fibre supplement. Within 6 weeks her demand for insulin went down and after 6 months her doctor advised that she no longer needs to take insulin injection. She now shares her story with everyone she meets and became a Director in November after just 7 months in the business. She is an example to people who are much younger than her and we are proud to have her in our group. She is a living example of what the products and serious lifestyle changes can do for your health.

Samina Khalid attended the GNLD World Convention at the O2 arena in London as a guest of Paras Shah during June of 2009. She is an aromatherapist with 3 children. There she saw more than 8,000 people from all over the world come and celebrate the 50th anniversary of the company. She had a fair knowledge of nutrition and health because she had already considered opening her own health store and therapy clinic. The high startup cost for rental, equipment, stock and staff expenses had held her back. Now she saw thousands of people from all walks of life running their own businesses with no real expenses, no need for premises, no staff, flexible hours and huge incomes compared to normal business. She spoke to people about their health challenges like cancer, diabetes, infertility, obesity and the like which had been resolved by taking good nutrition, making lifestyle changes, taking regular exercise and eating properly. She was so excited to find that Aloe Vera was sold only in dark green glass bottles to protect the contents from the sun and that GNLD has the only full protein powder containing all 22 amino acids that she had ever heard of or could find in the market place. She got started immediately and has built a large business in just over a year and a half that has replaced her normal income and she can now spend more time with her children and family. They have supported her in her exciting new career and at the beginning of January 2010 she has just become a member of the prestigious World Team of Directors who are responsible for extending the business Internationally and to guide the various regions to further success. She has largely contributed to the phenomenal increase in turnover of more than 250% growth in the UK market during 2009 when the rest of the world has been experiencing negative growth and closures of major corporations and severe job losses. She can be justly proud of her and her groups achievements. She is destined for much greater things in the near future and she can be assured of our continued support and encouragement. Together everyone achieves more.

Paras Shah an Auditor in London tells the following story of how and why he got involved with the company. His father Ajit is also an Auditor and Businessman in Nairobi, Kenya. About 12 years ago he suffered severely from the lack of vitamin B. On his visits to the UK, he had regular 6 monthly Bupa medical checks and the specialists told him that he could die at any moment because of the lack of Vitamin B. they gave him injections that were so painful that he needed more medication just to cope with that. He suffered for 2 weeks from the pain of the ailment and then the next 2 weeks he suffered from the pain of the injections and the associated inflammation. This was the story of his life. They said that no supplements would ever work even though he had tried all he could find. There was nothing that helped for years.

When Christopher visited Nairobi about 12 years ago, he did a Health Talk that Ajit attended. He was told about the very high absorption rate of GNLD Vitamin B Co natural food supplement compared to any other source available. He decided to try it and well W-O-W his problem was solved even to the total amazement of his doctors. That is where Paras learned about the products and that started his interest in Health, Nutrition and ultimately got him involved in the development of the Business Internationally. Today he is a Director with a large developing group that has since spread to several other countries.

Michael's "I am a Champion" speech

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