Chris and Barbara Cowley

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The Marketing Plan
The Vision
The Products
Backed by Science
The Team
International Expansion
Which Product?
To cut a long story short,
Suphia has not been sick
or in hospital for over 17
years now.
At present we are
expanding internationally
and are thus looking for
more people or
companies who would
like to do business with us.
The Vision

"To Teach, Train and Empower 1000's of people to be Financially Independent and Free to run their own Lives without the need for a Big Boss breathing down their backs by utilizing our Business System and Support Structure to obtain Health and Wealth for themselves and their Families."

We are fighting for the right of all people to have money without the need for a traditional job. Those who work diligently are entitled to multiple income streams, proper food, a decent house, beautiful cars, outstanding health, quality education, safety, world class education, a good family life and freedom to travel.

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